Crystal Alchemy: Let's Get Motivated

Are you ready to move forward?

You will be connecting with the crystals, herbs and essential oils to support you in getting motivated. It easy to get stucked or blocked. This program will provide you will some powerful tools for motivation. This month, the elements of this program will assist you in getting motivated and moving forward.

  • Crystals: Bumble Bee Jasper, Carnelian, Orange Calcite, and Sodalite
  • Essential oils: Cypress & Rosemary
  • Herbs: Orange Peel & Peppermint

The teachings include: 

  • Move the Energy
  • Bumble Bee Jasper Ritual
  • Be Determined Ritual
  • Aromatic Blending
  • Banishing an Obstacle
  • Moon Cycles
  • Power of Words Ritual
  • Motivation Gift Set
  • Crystal Alchemist
  • Metatron's Cube
  • And, so much more


You can purchase the book at the store or online. The book is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

94 pages

COST: $22.99

You can purchase a copy online at: Click here


You may take the program online. It can be completed anytime on a schedule that works best for you! Vialet has recorded videos on all the lectures and materials. 

  • 1.5 hour class
  • Online resource platform
  • Certificate of Completion 

COST: $44.00 (Book is not included)

NOTE: If you complete all twelve online programs, you will receive a Certificate of Completion for the entire program.