Develop Your Spiritual Gifts

Everyone has spiritual gifts. Sometimes they are identified as foresight, gut instinct, and/or a deep knowing of people, places, and things in our lives.

Are you recognizing the messages and sychronicities that are happening all around you? These gifts provide guidance, clarity, and direction for your life. 

Your spiritual gifts include the natural senses of clear seeing, hearing, feeling, and knowing:

  • Clear seeing (clairvoyance): This sense provide visions of photos and video clips that play within your mind and/or third eye. 
  • Clearing hearing (clairaudience): This sense provide the words, sounds, and music heard in whispers, or in your own voice, within your mind. 
  • Clear feeling (clairisentience): This sense is the individual's ability to sense the emotions, feelings, and pain of other individuals. 
  • Clear knowing (claircognization): This senses provides foresight and deep knowing of information and future events. 

When you practice, you can develop and expand these gifts. Most individuals will be stronger in one area. However, you can practice and develop the other senses as well. 

This program provides educational insights about developing your gifts, includes a fun interactive activity to practice your gifts. It is offered in-person, online OR you may just purchase the book. 

These are meant to be a fun and quick way to connect with your gifts. Each of the programs will take less than a hour to complete. You will be given tools to start practicing your gifts. 

Online Program Cost: $22

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Awakening to Your Gifts & The Clairs

What are your gifts? How do you connect to your gifts?

This class assists individuals that are awakening to their true selves and their gifts. We will review the different types of psychic gifts, The Clairs. These gifts include clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance.

What are the different types of psychic gifts? What are your strongest gifts? You will be connecting to your inner navigation system in this class.

Did you know that people once used playing cards as a tool to give messages? I will share some information on how playing cards can be used for giving and receiving messages. 

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COST: $22

Sensitivities to Energies & Protection

Are you having a difficult time with the energies around you? Do you need protection?

As you step on your spiritual journey, you may begin to develop sensitivities to people and energy. You may find yourself sensitive to large crowds, indoor lighting, foods, smells, etc. This program provides simple tools to protect yourself from the energies around you. 

What is an Empath?

How do you know you are an Empath?

Vialet will provide an Empath Assessment during this program for everyone to consider their level of sensitivities. We will share some ways to better navigate your daily life. 

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COST: $22

Setting Sacred Space & Releasing Doubt

Do you doubt yourself? Do you set sacred space for yourself?

When you are making connections, it is important that you are setting sacred space for yourself and anyone that you are delivering messages or doing readings for.

It is important to bring sacredness into your life. What is sacredness? How can you set sacred space for this work and to connect to your gifts?

Vialet will share with you her definition of sacredness and the importance of holding sacred space for ourselves and others. 

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COST: $22

Creating Connection with Symbols & Signs

Do you notice the symbols & signs around you? Are you receiving the messages?

As you begin to expand your gifts, it will be important to create your own personal library of images, symbols, and signs for you to receive clear messages from your intuition.

In this program, we will spend some time learning how you can create a personal library for your angels, guides, guardians, and master teachers to use to better provide you with messages.

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COST $22

Importance of Stillness & Your Spirit Guides

Do you struggle in your everyday life? Do you feel like you are swimming upstream?

You need to build a relationship with your angels, guides, guardians, and master teachers. Divine beings have come into your life to assist you in navigating all the challenges, obstacles, and experiences in this lifetime. You continue to have free will and they will not make any choices for you. 

In this program, you will learn more about the divine beings supporting you and how to build relationships with them. You will work with pendulums and oracle cards to bring in messages from your divine team.

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COST $22

Choose the option

You may choose the best option for you! 

Option #1

Take each of the courses with Vialet in-person at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton, CO. There are five (5) courses in the series. A different course is offered each month. 

  • You get to connect with others in class
  • You get to do the exercises in class with others
  • You will receive access to the online course for FREE.
  • OPTIONAL: You will earn a certificate of completion for completing the online course. 
  • OPTIONAL: You will earn the Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Certification if you complete all five courses in the series. 
  • You will receive the book for FREE


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Option #2

Take the online course with Vialet. There are five different courses in the program. You can take one, a couple or all of them. If you complete the course, you will receive a certificate of completion. If you complete the entire series, you get the Develop Your Spiritual Gifts Certification. 

  • You receive the recorded lectures & exercises
  • You can leave comments and engage with other students
  • You will earn a certificate of completion for completing each course. 
  • You will earn the Develop Your Spiritual Certification when you complete all twelve courses. 
  • OPTIONAL: You may purchase the book at the store or online. 


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Option #3

You may buy each book and read about the information offered in this program. There are five (5) books. The books may be purchased at the center OR ordered online. 

  • You get the information
  • You can read at your own pace
  • You can connect with what works best for you

LOW COST: $21.99 plus tax & shipping

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