Life As An Empath

I have found that many of the individuals on a spiritual path are Empaths. As you raise your consciousness and vibration, you become more sensitive to the energies around you. Many of you will isolate yourself in your home because going out into the world can be overwhelming and painful. I believe that you are meant to live a joyful and prosperous life and you cannot have that isolated in your home. 

I will be providing you an overview and giving you tools to navigate the energies and emotions around you.




The PROGRAM includes

  • Definition of an Empath
  • Blessings & Challenges
  • Empath Questionnaire
  • Types of an Empath
  • Life as An Empath
  • Awareness
  • Tools for Empaths
  • Techniques for Empaths

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The program includes:

  • Empath Questionnaire 
  • Valuable Tools & Techniques
  • Certificate of Completion

Cost: $88

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"The information Vialet has provided was very helpful in realizing the changes in my emphatic abilities and defining them. She has provided wonderful tools on how to determine what emotions are mine verses another persons and how to release and clear these emotions. Thank you for another wonderful program!! I will be sure to share with others!" Heather

"Blessed be to you Vi...We live in a very pragmatic world! But, I have found in courses such as Viatet has here, a road to real Spiritual tools! We still have to use a map of words to guide us to Ethereal realms. And Vi does this with deep Wisdom and most importantly Love. I believe in all Spirit filled areas; Love is the center piece of connection! My love and prayers for us all...see you soon Vi my love to you." Ray

"This course was very informative. I now know the types of empaths there are and this gives me a better understanding of the feelings i get throughout the day and what tools to use to help release what is not mine! The classes from Vialet are always amazing and informative. I can always count on more tools to add to my toolbox and continue my life’s journey as an empath and teacher✨✨" Christina

"Thank you Vialet. This was particularly helpful at this moment as I had become sticky from family affairs. I was struggling. In particular I like the heart technique and shield/crystal ball technique. In addition I want to incorporate more regular smudging, salt, crystals, breathwork and time in nature. I deeply thank you for sharing your offering with us." Missy

"Very helpful,, easy to learn, beautiful class. Thank You 🙏 Vialet ♥️🌹" Julie
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