Tarot: The Journey of the Fool

Do you want to learn to read tarot cards?

Are you intrigued by the tarot but not sure where to start?

Tarot: The Journey of the Fool is an online, self-paced course that covers all 78 cards in the deck. This online tarot class provides individuals with a structured, simple process for connecting to the Fool's Journey through the Tarot.

The Fool card is the first card of a tarot deck and represents new beginnings, new perspectives, and new outlooks on life.

The course includes lessons on the cards, exercises, card spreads, meditation and journal prompts, and dive into tarot symbology.

Embrace that fool energy by signing up to learn how to read the cards for yourself!

  • Self-paced program
  • Recorded instructions
  • Set exercises
  • Practice card spreads
  • BONUS: A bonus section included in program, aligning the cards with monthly energies
  • Lifetime access to the program

COST: Course $288 + Book $44.99

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VII The Chariot

0 The Fool

X Wheel of Fortune

Tarot Journal Workbook

The Tarot Journal Workbook provides the individuals with a structured process of connecting to the Fool's Journey through the Tarot cards. 

  • Section 1: Major Arcana 0 - 7
  • Section 2: Major Arcana 8 - 14
  • Section 3: Major Arcana 15 - 21
  • Section 4: Suit of Cups (Water)
  • Section 5: Suit of Swords (Air)
  • Section 6: Suit of Wands (Fire)
  • Section 7: Suit of Pentacles (Earth)

Each section has a Correspondence page for each of the cards and exercises to practice readings. The book has a variety of card spreads and worksheets for you to practice readings with the cards. Take your own personal journey with the Fool and connect with these cards by unlocking the wisdom that each card holds.

NOTE: The journal workbook is working with the Rider Waite Tarot deck. It is recommended that you pick up the Rider Waite Tarot deck along with your favorite tarot deck, so you can connect with both decks along the journey. 

The book has a spiral binding for easy use and it includes 375 pages.


You can pick up a copy of the book at:

Discover Your Spiritual Gifts

5808 S Rapp St, Ste 275

Littleton, CO 80120

COST: $44.99

Vialet B Rayne

Vialet is the founder of the Sacred Temple Mystery School. She has been connected to her gifts since she was a child. When she studied in the Practical Spirituality Mystery School, she began to connect with the powerful teachings in the tarot cards. The tarot cards are doorways through space and time. They provide wisdom, guidance and healing.

As she was writing the Sacred Alchemy program for the Sacred Temple Mystery School, her master teachers and guides were adamite for her to include her teachings of the tarot in the program. This tarot program is a result of her work in writing the curriculum for the Sacred Alchemy program. 

The program includes online educational videos of Vialet sharing her wisdom of the tarot. The student is able to progress through the program at their own pace. Each section of the program is released every twenty-one days. The program is structured for the students to spend a minimum of twenty-one days with each section of the program.  

The student may pick up a copy of the Tarot Journal Workbook at Discover Your Spiritual Gifts in Littleton OR they may order their copy directly from Lulu Publishing online.